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If you read last week’s post, made your lists, talked to your friends and family about your gifts and talents, and got a good idea about what it is you love doing, you are now ready for the project stage of starting your own business.

To get going, select a few things from your list that qualify for a project. This can be anything from throwing a dinner party to starting a blog, finding a husband, writing a book, learning how to make jewelry, or anything else that you are interested in. It does not matter how crazy your idea, as long as you are excited about it, it passes.

The important part about this stage is to take immediate action. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get distracted from something you feel really inspired about? If you don’t take action right away, your idea fades into the background until you forget about it all together.

Another crucial point is to take simple, easy steps. Time and again I have seen people get so overwhelmed with launching a business that they never start. Next, be aware of the voices in your head telling you things like “Oh, this will probably never work.” Or, “There are already so many people out there doing this”, “I am not good at this”, “I need to get a degree/certification/credit before I can start”, etc. Most likely, this is your fear talking. Best not to listen and to keep going.

Back to your project. Let’s use an example. Say your friend invited you to an evening of palm reading. You went to check it out and you fell in love with it. As a matter of fact, you are so excited about it that you are considering becoming a hand reader yourself. Voilà, your project is born.

Every good project has a beginning, middle, and an end – as well as a time line.

  • Part One: Find out more about Palmistry. Search the internet, read books, find blogs, take sessions with a palm reader, get to know other palm readers, etc. As a time line you can set three or four weeks for this stage.
  • Part Two: If you are certain that this is what you want to pursue, start learning your craft. Attend classes or seminars, connect with other like-minded people, or put together classes for a professional palm reader. You can also create a website or start your own blog on the subject. Depending on the learning curve, part two may take several weeks, several months, or longer. In my experience, you’ll never feel quite ready to move on, so don’t spend too much time here. You will always keep learning.
  • Part Three: Put together your own small session or seminar. This can be as simple as asking a friend to organize a palm reading evening at her house, offering a class at a community center, or doing single finger print readings. At this point you start charging a small fee for your service.

These steps are simple examples of how you can start a project or learn a new craft. You can do this while having a job, working regular hours, or taking care of your family.


How to Stay on Track

Life is designed to distract you.  Here are a few ways to stay on course:

  • Form a support team. Do you know other people who are working on a business or project? Set up weekly meetings to check in, set goals, report on your progress, and cheer each other on. This is invaluable in keeping your project alive.
  • To do lists. Knowing what you are doing each day will help you to stay focused. Personally, I love writing my to do list every night. Checking things off the next day increases my focus and gives me energy. Beware of being too hard on yourself. The list is a guideline, the project is a game. Have fun with it.
  • Set weekly and daily goals. Again, this will help you to stay on track and monitor your progress.
  • Last, but not least, celebrate. Enjoy your project and be proud of your achievements.

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