In psychology, the term pleasure principle was coined by Freud as “the instinctual seeking of pleasure and avoiding of pain in order to satisfy biological and psychological needs.”

I use it in a slightly moderated way:

Find out what turns you on,

do more of it. 

As women, we are happiest when we are relaxed. For us it’s not about avoiding pain or looking for instant gratification; feminine wisdom comes from a place within that we access when we are at ease (click to tweet if you agree). It opens a bigger vision for our lives and helps us remember what’s most important: Love, beauty and connection.

When you make pleasure the guiding principle of your life, you’ll start to relax into your own rhythm, you’ll tap into your inner most beauty and allow your feminine intelligence to emerge. In the process you’ll become more confident, magnetic and feminine.

In short, simply irresistible.


Here Are Five Ways to Follow Your Pleasure:


1. Feel Good About Yourself:

People who are happy in their own skin are naturally magnetic and it’s something everyone can learn. Practice feeling good about yourself. Exercise, eat healthy, enjoy the way you look, buy clothes you like and take good care of your body, mind and soul. Learn to be proud of your accomplishments, listen to others when they praise you and reciprocate. Once you see beauty in others, you’ll recognize it in yourself as well.


2. Have a Passion:

Maybe it’s your work or a hobby but allow time to find and exercise your passion. A person who clings to others because she doesn’t have interests of her own isn’t much fun. If you don’t know what you are passionate about, make finding it your goal. It will give you a purpose and something to strive for.


3. Have Alone Time:

Make sure you have time to let go and chill. Maybe you like to meditate, reflect, journal, read, paint your nails, write or take long walks in nature. For many women having time off is essential in keeping a healthy emotional balance. If this is hard for you, make a conscious effort to schedule your breaks and follow your schedule relentlessly.


4. Nurture Your Friendships:

Having one or more good girlfriends is crucial for women. We relax when we talk to other women and generally feel happier and more accepted. It gives us time to laugh, share our stories, feel cherished and loved. If you don’t have friends, join a local club or Meetup group to meet like minded women.


5. Live by Your Own Rules:

Know your female qualities, have your own principles and live by them. Life is full of distractions and knowing who you are will make it easier to stay your course. If you are not clear about your values, make it a priority to find them. I will write about a neat little value clarification exercise in one of my upcoming blog posts.


Have the courage to put your aliveness first. Once your energy lifts and your happiness increases it will get easier to follow your bliss.

As always, thank you for reading.



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