I am back at school, which is awesome. I am having a blast devouring lectures, taking notes, assembling binders, and filling my brain with lots of exciting new information.

The workload is huge, which pressured and overwhelmed me at first. But then I went “Heck no, I am too old for this. I am not going to put in sixteen hour days. Been there, done that.”

And while I had to kick myself at first to keep up with the daily curriculum, I soon realized that what I needed to do was listen to myself and trust my inner voice. I am not thirty anymore. I work at my own pace, I set my own rules, and I live life on my own terms. At this stage, time is too precious to be wasted on being overwhelmed and pressured. I know how to follow my own rhythm and when to take breaks, rest, and reflect.

It can be hard to resist the temptation to get pulled into someone else’s schedule. A lot of students in my course are in their thirties. Building a business is a new and exhilarating experience for them. As it should be. They are energized by working day in and day out.

Me? Not so much anymore; and while I love my craft, I equally enjoy spending time with my daughter, hiking with friends, going on dates with my husband, taking time to relax, and simply enjoying life.

To live life on your own terms, figure out what works for you. Then, do it.  twit-bird  (Click if you agree.)

I know this is easier said than done, so here’s a tip: engage in what makes you light. Avoid what makes you heavy. Do what you love, don’t do what brings you down.

If this means changing your routine, do that. I love writing in the mornings, it energizes me. In the evenings, it makes me tired. Pay attention to your source of aliveness, your rhythm, and follow it. Life changes as we get older and it is exciting, and satisfying, to grow with the changes.

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