So, you want to find that special someone.

Tackle the mystery of relationships, live with passion & become wildly irresistible.


You are tired of the games between men and women and ready to activate your feminine

wisdom. So you can get what you want, when you want it.


You can’t wait to build an extraordinary relationship with a partner who gets you and who wants to share his life with you. Someone with whom you can talk, laugh, travel, and build memories. A man, who adores you and accepts you for who you are.

You are strong and know how to take care of yourself. You have built a successful life and career, and yet, when it comes to attracting the right partner, you stumble:

  • You fall for people who are unavailable.
  • You are confused about which partner is best for you.
  • You give too much and forget to take care of your own needs.
  • You yearn for a loving and intimate connection, but finding a good partner seems so much work.
  • The dating game makes you uncomfortable…
  • You are afraid of wasting time on a relationship that goes nowhere.

You are asking yourself, “do I want too much? Am I too picky, too selective, too demanding?”

Deep down you know that you belong with someone; you are not meant to be alone or feel left behind. You want to be in a harmonious partnership that expands your life. If only you knew how.

What if you could spend one day with someone who, after years of making mistake after mistake, has created that type of intimate relationship for herself? What if you could learn from relationship expert and author Karin Lehmann how to make sense of the mystery between men and women and learn how to find – and keep – lasting love?


Having a great relationship is a choice.


That’s why Karin has created her one-day intensive “Get Ready for Love” in Los Angeles on April 8, 2017; to show you the tools and give you the insights into making love work.


So that you can find the love of your life and live your dream.




Los Angeles, April 8, 2017


  • Discover your relationship mission

  • Let go of fears & destructive beliefs

  • Tap into your sensuality

  • Learn how to get your way with men

  • Become simply irresistible


  • Intensive personal interviews

  • Role plays & exercises

  • Interactive dialogue

  • Life changing insights

  • Serendipitous discoveries



Get Ready For Love – 1 Day Intensive is limited to eight participants on a first come, first served basis.

The class starts at 10am and ends at 5pm with a one-hour lunch break. To sign up and reserve your seat, please click the button below.

You will receive an email with confirmation and further workshop details.

Thank you and see you in class!


Get Ready For Love - Los Angeles - April 8, 2017



Life Coach Karin Lehmann

Get Ready for Love is facilitated by Karin Lehmann, president and founder of Karin Lehmann International, a company dedicated to supporting women in living lives of electric abundance and happiness.

Recognized as an expert in her field for her ability to laser in on a person’s unique qualities, she has helped thousands of individuals in building their dream lives, finding their ideal partners, and creating lucrative businesses they love.

Karin believes that discovering one’s passion and turning it into a service is at the core of true happiness and fulfillment.



Not sure if Get Ready for Love is the right fit for you? Let’s find out! Simply send us an email using the form below or call our office
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