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Working with Karin has been one of the most valuable gifts I’ve ever given myself. Like an astute friend, she pleasantly, but deftly cut through my thoughts, words and actions and showed me that I was doggedly persevering at a career that was never going to be my life’s joy. Meanwhile, I’d repeatedly been circling close to my true life’s purpose and passion but had never quite had the courage to intersect with it. No more! Karin gently encouraged, teased, even cajoled my truth out of me until my path forward was irrefutable! What a joy, adventure and privilege it has been to be guided by Karin. I truly recommend that you honor yourself with this gift.

Sara Smelt

Ventura, Felt Evolution

“Early in my life I realized that when I am in-sync with myself everything is possible. However, there was a time when I lost my way and forgot the importance of staying in the flow. Meeting Karin gave me the strength to get it back during a busy time with 3 small kids. I remembered how to listen to my inner voice again. Karin gave me the tools to make that voice stronger and showed me how to get my groove back. Thanks to Karin and her bookAlive” I am back on my path. I am so grateful for having her in my life!”

Eva Hoffmann

Ojai, Good Bread Ojai

“I need to start with this: Karin is awesome! From the first time we spoke I knew I wanted to work with her because of her incredibly intuitive gift as a coach and teacher. She nailed it every time I had fears or insecurities and I left every session feeling empowered, encouraged and excited. From the heart to the point, I hope to be able to be near as good of a coach as Karin. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and I’m very proud to be a graduate of Karin’s Coaching Academy.”

Allison Nuyen

Los Angeles

„Karin has the gift of seeing the best in every person. Within my first session she assisted me to understand myself better; she helped me to find out what I really want and what my special talents are. Going on a ‘treasure hunt’ with Karin has been so much fun and I will always be grateful to her for uncovering my life path with such ease. Thanks to Karin I am so much happier today!”

Franziska Fischer


“I started working with Karin at a point in my life where I felt lost and lacked in focus. I had never tried life coaching before and took a leap of faith. It has been a leap of faith that I will never regret. Working with Karin has been creatively inspiring and enlightening. It wasn’t always easy but I have achieved some things I would never normally have the courage to do on my own which has given me confidence and a renewed energy for the next chapter of my life.”

Emma Starzacher

Los Angeles, London, New York

“Karin Lehmann has a unique ability of identifying one’s special gifts & talents. She has coached me to show me my expertise and has encouraged me to bring forth my talents and let go of the fear of using them as my career. Karin is very insightful into the human drama that takes place everyday. She has helped me to identify the things in my every day life that have stopped me from living my dream. I highly recommend her!”

Sunna Vaerst

Los Angeles, Women of Prosperous Hearts

“I feel so fortunate that I discovered Karin Lehmann International! Before I began working with Karin, I felt scattered, frustrated and couldn’t seem to find a direction to focus my true passions and create something I can be proud of and enjoy. Her insight, wisdom and creative inspiration helped me find that clear direction. I couldn’t be more pleased with what we created during our coaching sessions and I look forward to working with Karin again.”

Michelle Theis

Los Angeles, Duo Fitness

“Karin is a careful listener for your deepest needs and desires. I have worked with her several times over the last ten years and I always experience profound insights to help me with the next level of my own work. With her calm strength and compassion, Karin creates a space for me to see beyond my own fears and worries. Thanks to her loving attention and support I am able to make important decisions from my heart.  I love my coaching experiences with Karin and highly recommend her to anyone who is in search for what’s next!”

Ruby Renshaw

Santa Fe, Strategy Stream

“In one session with Karin I was able to really get to what lights me up. Being a life-coach myself I was amazed at how I had missed the obvious that Karin so easily picked up on. She was able to quickly get a true sense of me and what really matters in my life. I am now spending more time and energy on just that. Karin shifted my attention from what I should be doing to what I really am passionate about, and everything is flowing easily now.”

Zan Packard

San Francisco, The Mindful Journey

“My work with Karin has changed my life! In my daily interactions with clients, friends and significant others, her brilliance rings in my ears. She taught me to relax and let joy be the barometer for my life. Her wisdom, clarity and honest perception of the moment is remarkable.”

Susan Barry

Santa Monica, Susan Barry

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