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What’s Your Life Worth to You?

Do you know what your life is worth to you?   Can you measure it in money, happiness, or quality of time? A few weeks ago, I spoke to a woman who'd been unemployed for more than three years. She told me that most of that time she spent worrying, applying for...

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The Discouraging Effects of Hesitation

Have you ever been called to make a bold decision - one that would change the course of your life forever - and hesitated?   What happened? Did you take that chance later on or did you pass on the opportunity all together? Maybe you weren't sure that the timing...

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7 Reasons Not to Give a Damn …

... And Start Doing Stuff You Care About.   Ever felt that you are different, weird even and that no matter how hard you try, you'll never be like anybody else? In today's post I am shining a light on why standing out is a good thing and how understanding your...

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Create a Year that You Love Every Day

he first few weeks of the New Year can feel a bit like a letdown, especially if you had high hopes for better habits and new beginnings. It's easy to fall back into familiar routines and schedules that speed up time and push life forward. All too...

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How to Make the Holidays Your Own

When I was a kid, we spent the weeks leading up to Christmas in excited anticipation, decorating candles, crafting tree ornaments from red and gold foil, baking cookies, singing carols, and lighting a candle every Sunday in Advent. Each morning we opened a small...

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The Gift of Intimacy: How to Fall in Love With Yourself.

There’s a cliché saying that you must first love yourself, before you can deeply love another. Or, the more you love yourself, the more love you'll experience in your life. Tricky, ins't it? What if we are not sure about the love we have for ourselves? Can we still...

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